Highest Total in IPL 2016 | Team Records Highest Score in IPL 9

Highest Total in IPL 2016
Highest Total in IPL 2016

Highest Total in IPL 2016

Get Highest Total in IPL 2016 Record. Get Updates of Team Records Highest Score in IPL 9 2016 Season here.

Team Total V/s Venue Date
RCB 248/3 GL Bangalore 14-May-16
RCB 227/4 SRH Bangalore 12-Apr-16
MI 206/4 DD Visakhapatnam 15-May-16
GL 196/7 RPS Pune 29-Apr-16
RCB 195/3 RPS Bangalore 7-May-16
RPS 195/3 GL Pune 29-Apr-16
SRH 194/5 RCB Hyderabad 30-Apr-16
DD 192/3 RCB Bangalore 17-Apr-16
RCB 191/5 DD Bangalore 17-Apr-16
RPS 191/6 RCB Bangalore 7-May-16
KKR 189/5 RCB Bangalore 2-May-16
MI 189/6 KXIP Mohali 25-Apr-16
MI 188/4 KKR Kolkata 13-Apr-16
KKR 187/5 MI Kolkata 13-Apr-16
RCB 186/1 KKR Kolkata 16-May-16
DD 186/8 KKR Delhi 30-Apr-16
RCB 185/3 RPS Pune 22-Apr-16
RCB 185/7 KKR Bangalore 2-May-16
KKR 183/5 RCB Kolkata 16-May-16
GL 182/4 RCB Rajkot 24-Apr-16
SRH 182/6 RCB Bangalore 12-Apr-16
KXIP 181/5 DD Mohali 7-May-16
SRH 180/3 KXIP Mohali 15-May-16
RCB 180/2 GL Rajkot 24-Apr-16
RCB 179/6 SRH Hyderabad 30-Apr-16
KXIP 179/4 SRH Visakhapatnam 15-May-16
MI 178/4 KKR Mumbai 28-Apr-16
SRH 177/3 MI Visakhapatnam 8-May-16
RCB 175/6 KXIP Mohali 9-May-16
KXIP 174/4 RCB Mohali 9-May-16
KKR 174/5 MI Mumbai 28-Apr-16
DD 172/5 KXIP Mohali 7-May-16
RPS 172/8 RCB Pune 22-Apr-16
GL 172/6 DD Delhi 27-Apr-16
MI 171/4 RCB Mumbai 20-Apr-16
DD 171/5 GL Delhi 27-Apr-16
RCB 170/7 MI Mumbai 20-Apr-16
RPS 166/3 DD Delhi 5-May-16
GL 164/3 RPS Rajkot 14-Apr-16
DD 164/4 MI Delhi 23-Apr-16
GL 164/5 KKR Kolkata 8-May-16
KXIP 164/7 MI Mohali 25-Apr-16
KKR 164/3 KXIP Kolkata 4-May-16
RPS 163/5 GL Rajkot 14-Apr-16
GL 162/5 KXIP Mohali 11-Apr-16
KKR 162/8 RPS Pune 24-Apr-16
DD 162/7 RPS Delhi 5-May-16
MI 161/2 RPS Pune 1-May-16
KXIP 161/6 GL Mohali 11-Apr-16
RPS 160/5 KKR Pune 24-Apr-16
KKR 159 DD Delhi 30-Apr-16
RPS 159/5 MI Pune 1-May-16
KKR 158/4 GL Kolkata 8-May-16
KXIP 157/9 KKR Kolkata 4-May-16
KXIP 154 GL Rajkot 1-May-16
MI 154/7 DD Delhi 23-Apr-16
MI 153/4 RCB Bangalore 11-May-16
KXIP 153/4 RPS Mohali 17-Apr-16
RPS 152/7 KXIP Mohali 17-Apr-16
RCB 151/4 MI Bangalore 11-May-16
DD 150/2 GL Rajkot 3-May-16
DD 150/3 SRH Hyderabad 12-May-16

Team Records Highest Score in IPL

Royal Challengers Bangalore v/s Pune Warriors, RCB Scored 263 for 5 wickets. RCB Opener and Boom Boom Chris Gayle scored Highest Run score 175 runs. In this Match, RCB Blaster AB de Villiers played very well by hitting unusual sixes and fours. RCB 2016 hits 21 sixes in this One inning, which can called as an another New World Record in IPL.

Highest Total in IPL of All Seasons

Team Score Versus Date
Bangalore 263/5 Pune 23-Apr-13
Chennai 246/5 Rajasthan 3-Apr-10
Chennai 240/5 Punjab 19-Apr-08
Bangalore 235/1 Mumbai 10-May-15
Punjab 232/2 Bangalore 17-May-11
Punjab 231/4 Chennai 7-May-14
Delhi 231/4 Punjab 23-Apr-11
Bangalore 226/2 Punjab 6-May-15
Punjab 226/6 Chennai 30-May-14
Chennai 223/3 Hyderabad 8-May-13
Rajasthan 223/5 Chennai 3-Apr-10
Chennai 222/5 Delhi 25-May-12
Kolkata 222/3 Banhalore 18-Apr-08
Punjab 221/3 Rajasthan 28-May-08
Mumbai 218/7 Delhi 17-Mar-10
Rajasthan 217/7 Deccan 24-Apr-08
Bangalore 215/1 Delhi 17-May-12
Deccan 214/5 Rajasthan 24-Apr-08
Mumbai 212/6 Rajasthan 13-Mar-10
Hyderabad 211/4 Hyderabad 14-May-14
Rajasthan 211/5 Chennai 24-May-08
Rajasthan 211/4 Punjab 5-May-09
Chennai 209/4 Hyderabad 11-Apr-15
Mumbai 209/5 Delhi 9-Apr-13
Mumbai 209/7 Bangalore 19-Apr-15
Chennai 208/5 Bangalore 12-Apr-12
Chennai 208/5 Mumbai 23-Apr-08
Rajasthan 208/7 Mumbai 13-Mar-10
Punjab 207/4 Chennai 19-Apr-08
Delhi 207/5 Mumbai 27-Apr-12
Punjab 206/4 Chennai 18-Apr-14
Chennai 205/4 Punjab 18-Apr-14
Hyderabad 205/5 Punjab 14-May-14
Chennai 205/5 Bangalore 28-May-11
Bangalore 205/6 Punjab 6-May-11
Bangalore 205/8 Chennai 12-Apr-12
Punjab 204/2 Kolkata 4-Apr-10
Bangalore 204/2 Punjab 16-Mar-10
Kolkata 204/4 Deccan 11-May-08
Punjab 203/3 Bangalore 16-Mar-10
Mumbai 202/5 Chennai 24-May-15
Chennai 202/7 Punjab 30-May-14
Mumbai 202/7 Chennai 23-Apr-08
Punjab 202/6 Delhi 23-Apr-11
Hyderabad 201/4 Rajasthan 7-May-15
Rajasthan 201/6 Delhi 15-May-14
Chennai 201/7 Rajasthan 24-May-08
Kolkata 200/3 Punjab 4-Apr-10
Chennai 200/3 Kolkata 28-Apr-13
Bangalore 200/7 Rajasthan 29-Apr-15

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